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I have never owned any equipment that will operate or transmit  and receive on the 23cms band. I have now corrected that situation by purchasing a 144MHz to 1296MHz transverter from LZ5HP at his SG-LAB web-site.

Ray G3HRH has kindly loaned me his spare 18 element Yagi to get me on air. To prove that things were working I attempted the 1.3GHZ UKAC Contest on Tuesday evening. With 2W power output, no power amp, no head pre-amp I managed 3 contacts with an ODX of 55kms!

So now I am into making a few more purchases - SMA leads & connectors, some Ecoflex 10, some UHF realys (for amp/pre-amp switching) a couple of cheap pre-amps from China and then the big one, the power amplifier!

The LZ5HP transverter box

The first sample of relays, SMA leads and adaptors, in all of their varieties have now arrived from the Chinese sources as have the head pre-amps. Now to start testing the various parts of the kit together. The pre-amps, whilst the electronics is shielded, are just bare printed circuit boards with connectors attached. They will need a supply of 3-5V DC so some form of regulator is needed; all to be built into a little metal box suitable for mounting at the mast-head.