Thorpe Cloud near Ashbourne, Derbyshire IO93cb.

As you can see it was a beautiful day, sitting on a hill in southern Derbyshire. David (my son) and I had been to Derbyshire for a long weekend, staying at the Youth Hostel at Youlgreave. We had done much walking in the Bakewell/Monsal/Castleton areas and had to come home on Sunday. As Thorpe Cloud is one of the most southerly of the Derbyshire hills we stopped by and I activated from there. David went off up the valley to Milldale whilst i used my 817 to make 2m SSB contacts around the country. My best was to GM4CXMin IO75TW; at 361km. Other contacts of note were: G4ALE/P in IO80BO; at 309km, G5LK/P at JO01QD;at 304km. A total of 26 QSOs in about 2.5 hours. The 817 (2.5W) and the SOTABeams 2m 5 element antenna did well!

Colin G4GBP operating from the top of Thorpe Cloud IO93cb

Thorpe Cloud from the car park. Not a very big climb but a fun site for an activation.

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