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Early Interests.

I can remember playing with bits of old radios as a child. A large triple-ganged tuning condenser form an 1930’s valve superhet and a bamboo cane was my first (toy) radio. I trained in Southampton Institute of Higher Education and obtained my Radio Officer’s qualifications and went to see as a Marconi Radio Officer aboard merchant cargo ships. My RAE & Morse test followed soon after as did G4GBP.

The latter years

A chance meeting with Bob G4HFQ re-kindled the interest. Within a few weeks I had my license back from OfCom, bought a Yaesu FT-897D and was back on air brushing up my CW skills.

Since then I have bought a Yaesu FT-2000D as my main rig, do contesting, special events stations and the odd QRP session from the top of a hill.

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A little about myself.


We all like to talk about ourselves. I am more of a listener. Never mind - here we go.

With 66 orbits of the sun completed, recently retired from 20+ years of running my own Computer Consultancy. Enjoying Amateur Radio and my canal narrow-boat, often combining the two. It is amazing how far you can get with an FT-817 running 2½ watts into a piece of wire held aloft by a fishing pole over a canal. I think my best was St Helena during BERU when I managed the feat on three bands.

I blog at http://nbconstance.blogspot.co.uk


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