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The connecting, fitting and mounting of the Heat Bed and the fixing of the Power Supply


To the left, the selection of the parts. The bed is heated by 24v DC, it has a thermostat mounted on the underside and is connected to the cable (above).

Above: The preparation of the heat bed cable cover and cable protection sleeve.

Above: The fitting of the cable cover and the routing of the under-bed thermostat cable

Above: The cable cover and cable protection sleeve fitted.

Above: The heat bed spacers and bolts ready to be fitted. These sit on the Y-Carriage and space the heat bed and are spaced 6mm above it.

Above: The Heat Bed is now fixed to the Y-Carriage with the cables to the rear.

Right: The Power Supply is mounted vertically on the back of the frame.

That was easy and took ½ an hour.