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RSGB Contests - go to http://www.rsgbcc.org

You will find both calendars - HF on the right and VHF (and above) on the left. You can set reminders for the Contests within the site. You need never miss another contest again!

Currently enjoying the RSGB contests, 80m Club Championships where I usually enter the CW & SSB contests.

The VHF (144MHz & 432MHz) contests (UKAC etc.) and 144MHz backpackers.

Also the Practical Wireless QRP competition and BERU

Contesting is not the ‘Be ALL & End ALL’ of Amateur Radio, but it does get people on the Air. I am relatively new to contesting and join in with some of the contests hosted by the RSGB and others. I normally score for The Itchen Valley Radio Club to add to their Club Score. I normally work in Search & Pounce mode as I have not yet gained the confidence to switch over to ‘Run’ mode. BERU (the Commonwealth Contest) has got to be the best - it is only during BERU that I can work ZL & VK stations without a huge EU pile-up swamping my signals.

BERU - The results of the BERU contest are now out and the two Itchen Valley Teams did well. The results for Team Digi prove that you don't need CW skills!

RSGB Contest Rules up for changes? See http://www.rsgbcc.org/whitepaper2014.pdf