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Welcome to the CW - Morse Code page of my web-site.

There are some links to other websites to help you learn the code…

Crib Card 1 Crib Card 2 Koch Trainer

Crib card with letters in alphabetical order - for transmitting

Crib card in Morse code dot(s)/dash(es) order - for receiving & learning of the code

Download ‘The Koch Method’ training software from G4FON’s website. Load it on to your computer and start practising!!!! Instructions for download & starting are on the G4FON page.

Lang Lang is one of our World Class pianists and plays classical music in the best concert halls in the world. One day a fan came up to him to congratulate him on his epic performance with the words; ‘Lang Lang, that was a fantastic recital. You must be very lucky to be able to play like that.’ His reply was; ‘Yes, I am. The more hours a day and the more weeks of a year that I practice the luckier I get!’

Unfortunately for you, you will only master the Morse Code with practise. If you can devote a few minutes a day, regularly you will master receiving Morse Code in quite a short time. Do not even try to send code until you have mastered receiving the code at your target speed. Realistically this means 12-20 word per minute.

I might also suggest the when you do decide to start sending CW that you consider learning on a paddle rather than a more traditional up & down Morse key. Most modern rigs have a suitable keyer built-in. I had to learn the up & down key, when I was at sea as it was an offence to use anything else and I have met my limits on speed years ago. I am finding learning the paddle hard going as I always seem to revert to the old method.

Enjoy CW. It is a fantastic medium for Amateur Radio Enthusiasts. You can make very simple, low powered transceivers and use very low powers to achieve long distances. You can buy 7MHz (Frog sounds kits found on eBay) kits for less that a tenner. Fixed at 7.023MHz, all you need is a PP3, key, MP3 earpices and a bit of wire for an aerial and you are away. QRP, 7MHz CW brilliant!

On my Ft-817 using 2.5W CW I was able to work St. Helena on three bands during the Commonwealth (BERU) contest. You will be able to do things like this too. Keep practising!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!