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The last stage of the construction - the fitting and connecting of the electronics control board.

Above: Assemble the Door

Above: Fit the door to the upright frame.

Above: Select the parts to fit the control board into its case.

Above: The electronics control board fitted.

Above: Mounting the control board assembly on to the upright frame.

Right: Routing all the lower cables tidily under the frame so that they cannot interfere with any of the moving parts.

Above: Connecting 24v cables, tow pairs from the Power Supply and one pair going off to the Heat Bed.

Right: Connecting the X-Axis and Y-Axis motors, the two Z-Axis motors the tow head fans, the PINDA cable and other ancillary leads.

Everything is now built and connected. A quick double check that there are no problems and that the motors are all free to move then Time to Switch ON!

This stage took 1 hour