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Swindon & Cricklade Railway from Blunsdon Station - Saturday 24th & Sunday 25th September 2016

Another fantastic weekend spent at Blunsden Station courtesy of the Swindon & Cricklade Railway and Railways-on-the-Air. The weather was kind to us as were the radio conditions. We were able to work many stations across the UK and near continent a number of which were other Railways-on-the-Air stations.

I find that there is always a lot of interest in the Railways weekend among other amateur radio enthusiasts and we always come away with a full logbook, this weekend followed that rule.

Ken G1NCG & I set up the aerials over the lake on Friday afternoon and the whole radio station was ready for operation before it got dark.

This gave us a good start on Saturday morning. Charles G0TLI came and gave us a hand at helping and operating (see first couple of photos in the gallery,below).

Whilst the statistics of how many stations we worked and where we worked may be a little dull it was punctuated for me by working a couple of friends - Ray G3HRH and Ted G0BHK. We worked many Railways and I sure we worked some of the same people as we did last year. Thanks to all of you who come onto the bands to work us, without you it would not be anything like as good!

As this is the second year, most of the details and photos are similar to last year. If you wish to browse last year’s details - see Activations - GB0SCR 2015

Technical details:

The transceiver used for the 40m SSB station is the trusty old Yaesu FT-840 with its standard microphone.

Aerial matching unit is the MFJ 948 and the antenna is a full-sized G5RV. The masts are RACAL 12m (40’) push-up masts and the lake was about 10 feet below us to the G5RV was about 50’ above the lake.

All logging was done on paper. The 2m station uses the Yaesu FT-897 with the collinear at 40’ above the ground.

Late on Sunday afternoon when we had packed up the radio kit into the car, Ken G1NCG had gone home, the caravan was hitched on to the back of my car there was a loud ‘Toot-Toot’. This was enough to stop me in my tracks, I abandoned the car and caravan in the middle of the car park and ran over to the railway line to see ‘Spartan’ steaming gently towards me. This came as a complete surprise as I had no idea that ‘Spartan’ was in steam over the weekend as all the services had been hauled by a diesel locomotive.

I managed to get a few pictures of ‘Spartan’ and these can be seen in the Gallery below. Enjoy!

Photographs in the gallery mostly taken by Ken G1NCG and shown here with his kind permisssion.