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Churches and Chapels on the Air 2017

Saturday 9th September from St. Mary’s Church Fordingbridge. With Ken G1NCG & Ray 2E0DHG

With the weather set to be reasonable all day we set ourselves up in the graveyard in Ken’s new text/gazebo/shelter. Ray and I went up the church Tower to lower the halyard for the aerial. Whilst we were there we had a look down on to Fordingbridge town and its environs, then up and down the Avon Valley and to the New Forest. Once we could tear ourselves away, we descended the tower and erected the mast for the far end of the aerial.

With radio conditions not being too good recently we decided to deploy the full-sized G5RV so that we could use the 80m band and we had a 2m collinear atop the mast.

Our kit was the usual - HF: Yaesu FT-847 with an MFJ Tuner feeding the full-sized G5RV and for 2m we used the Yaesu FT-897 so we had about 100 watts available of HF and 50 watts for 2m.

We were right! Conditions were pretty diabolical. We made a couple of good QSOs on 80m before the band became unusable. We then moved to 40m and made more QSOs. Our total for the day was 29, 8 on 80m and 21 on 40m - pretty dismal really.

Never mind, we enjoyed our day.

We had various visitors during the day, the path across the graveyard is popular with dog-walkers who would stop and ask us what we were doing.

John G4IWU and Tim 2E0EGZ spent quite a bit of time with us which was good. At least we could have 59 QSOs with them without the background QRM!

We spoke to: 8 other Churches, 2 Germans stations and 19 UK stations. I will not have too many QSL cards to fill in, will I?

Pictures: Ken G1NCG - showing his shelter/tent/gazebo in operation.