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Mills on the Air Weekend 2011/2012/2015.

National Mills on the Air Weekend

With grateful thanks to the Trustees of the Wilton Windmill, Colin - G4GBP and friends activated Wilton Windmill on Saturday and Sunday for Mills-on-the-Air. We were granted the use of their new "Shepherd's Hut" so we had a nice comfortable place from which to work. There are some pictures in the ‘Gallery’

With help from members of Itchen Valley Amateur Radio Club www.ivarc.org.uk and Newbury & District ARS enjoyed many more QSOs, both with other Mills (of all types) and members of the public throughout the UK & near Continent.

For information about the Wilton Windmill please visit their excellent website at www.wiltonwindmill.co.uk

Details -

Locator: IO91ei

51.353082N -1.605552W

SU275616   WAB Square SU26  Postcode SN8 3SN

GB0WWM - Wilton Windmill

Equipment used:

Yaesu FT-840 transceiver feeding an MFJ-948 Tuner to a half-sized G5RV held aloft by two ex-military 40’ push-up masts. There is a 2m collinear on top of one of the masts and a 20m dipole slung vertically and driven by a Yaesu FT-897D. 175 QSOs were made in the 2012 activation.

With the help of Ken G1NCG the 2015 activation operated on 40m & 2m with about 160 QSOs in the log book.

Wilton Windmill seen here on one of their open days.

During Mills-on-the-Air weekend 2013 & 2014 - Wilton Windmill was activated by John G1OQV & Bernie M0NKS of the Newbury and District Amateur Radio Society. It was a pleasure to work with them this year.



May 2015.

Mills-on-the-Air 2015 - activated Wilton Windmill (near Marlborough Wilts) with Ken G1NCG. The event was very successful with loads of QSOs on both 40m & 2m. Their parting words were ‘Why do you only do this once a year? Can you come back again during the summer?’ The answer to that is YES!!!!