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In late April of this year I had cataract surgery which meant that I was unable to drive. This presented problems for the activation of Bursledon Windmill for Mills-on-the-Air. Thanks to Duncan G3RQF who transported all the equipment from my QTH to the Mill and then back again on Sunday. To Bob 2E0CZK for taking me to the Mill on Saturday and Sunday mornings. And to my daughter Alison who collected me Saturday afternoon to bring me home. All of this extra assistance was very much appreciated. I am still unable to drive as I write this, it is frustrating for me as I have to burden others with my requirements to travel.

Saturday morning bright and early all the volunteers arrived at Bursledon Windmill - Bob - 2E0CZK, Duncan - G3RQF and his XYL Annette, Andy - G4JNT, Paul - G6MCX and Raymond - 2E0DHG. We met Gary, the Miller as he opened the gates for us to allow us to enter the site. We threaded the mains power lead out of the barn then set to erecting the two masts for the aerials. Paul, after helping us with the antenna, erected his gazebo from where we would be operating. By 10am local time we were on air.

Above: There were the usual technical debates as to how the equipment should be connected and operated, where the tea-making facilities should be and who should sit on which chair.

Andy G4JNT in conversation with Duncan G3RQF and (with his back to us) Raymond 2E0DHG.

Picture: Andy G4JNT

Hooray! The tricky bit was done, the base of the aerial was vertical. We could now attach the collinear and its RG-213 cable.

Picture Andy G4JNT

Picture: Paul G6MCX

Left: It was not long before Ray G3HRH arrived with his 2m SSB portable setup. Ray has a totally self-contained contesting 2m/70cm/23cm rig setup in his Land-Rover Discovery. Today’s outing was to join us and spread the word on 2m SSB and hopefully make a few contacts.

Ray powers his rig from a 12v leisure battery so does not require us to thread a mains lead around the grounds of the mill.


Picture: Paul G6MCX

Picture: Andy G4JNT

Picture Paul G6MCX

Ray was only able to operate on Saturday because of other commitments but had 10 QSOs from as far afield as Saltash (about 150 miles), Wilton Windmill near Hungerford, Coventry and another mill near Nottingham. When things were quiet on 2m Ray came round to the gazebo and operated on 40m.

We used the usual kit for Special Events - Yaesu Ft-840 and MFJ tuner into a half-sized G5RV. The photo above shows me operating on 40m which is where we made all of our HF contacts.

Goeff G8TEC came along on both days and did quite a bit of operating, for which I am grateful. We had a number of visitors - Bob, G0WNV called by with his Grandson, Tim, G4YVY gave his motor-cycle an airing and enjoyed a chat on Sunday afternoon. Ted, G0BHK came along too and also did some operating for us.

We were visited by many of the members of the public who visited the Mill during the weekend. They held there own special event ‘Flour Power’ to celebrate SPAB Mills weekend.

Thanks to all at Hampshire Cultural Trust for their hospitality. Please visit their website at: Bursledon Windmill

Over the weekend a total of 227 QSOs were made, 46 of them with other Mills around the UK and near continent. Time to fill in those QSL cards!