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The assembly of the print head mechanism.

This was the most complex part of the whole printer and arguably the most fiddly so far.

Assembly of the idler

Fitting the filament sensor

The filament feed motor above and fitted (right).

Fitting the ‘hotend’ to the print head assembly was a bit of a fiddle. Once aligned correctly it was OK. The brass nozzle of the print head can just be seen at the top of the photo.

The fitting of the two fans, one to cool the ‘hotend’, the other to cool the job. Above left the hotend fan and right assembled.

The fitting of the print fan, this will cool the extruded plastic to make sure it sets a little quicker.

The grey lead is fitted to the P.I.N.D.A. Sensor. It is a Proximity Inductive Sensor that allows calibration of the distance between the sensor and the bed of the printer.

The cables from the print head are fed through the back plate

And secured within the spiral-wrap

This is where the Filament will eventually be fed. The PTFE tube gives the easiest, low-friction feed through.

Right, all assembled with a small piece of grey filament to test the entry point.


Below, the finished Head Assembly, mounted on to the X-Axis.

This section took 2 ¼ hours to complete.