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The idea of having a 3D printers is to print 3D objects. Here are a few to start with.

The supplied SD Card comes with a whole load of examples. A simple on to start with was the PRUSA Logo.

Top left: the start of the grey background being laid down

Top right: Colour change to put the word PRUSA in a contrasting colour, the machine stops and beeps with a prompt to change the filament colour.

Left: The finished PRUSA logo.

Below: Everyone has to print a Tree Frog!

Below: This intriguing little geared bearing is a must. It cannot be made by any other process than by printing. The teeth on the gear wheels changes half way down. It does not fall apart despite not having a rim. It works really well and acts as a ‘Fidget Spinner’

Being a Radio Guy, this print is for a Dipole Centre. It offers all the options one may require in such an item. There are slots for ribbon feeder, a place to put an SO-239 connector, hanging support holes, holes for the antenna wire etc. All you could possibly wish for.

This box is to protect an Arduino/RasPi 8 channel Relay box. There are many downloads available for this and similar purposes. If you wish to use the Arduino to switch mains voltages a box like this is a must. The top and the bottom sections each took 2 hours & 17 minutes to make.