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Yaesu FT-897D

This was my first purchase, along with its FC-30 tuner. This was my whole Ship’s Radio Room in a box and very portable. 100W CW/SSB, runs off 12V and has a 300Hz crystal filter for CW. It is now used mainly for 2m FM and 2m/70cm portable contesting.

Yaesu FT-817D  

My lovely little portable/QRP rig with its own internal battery. 2.5W CW/SSB and its been everywhere with me. I have a small tuner and some small aerials so that I can operate anywhere. Everything fits into a laptop case.

Yaesu FT-2000D  

My main rig along with the Data Management Unit and a 300Hz crystal in the Second Receiver chain. An absolute pleasure to use. 200W CW/SSB. Also has the Data Management Unit and display. This means you can see the signals as well.

Yaesu FT-840  

This is my rig for Special Event Stations along with an MFJ Antenna Tuner. 100W CW/SSB and of course a 500Hz crystal for CW. It is a very simple rig for outdoor use.

Cushcraft R6000

Vertical antenna for base station working 40m-6m. Other antennae - G5RV 80-10m, Inverted L 80m/160m and various lengths of coax to the lawn for experimentation. Ground plane under the back lawn. Collinear for 2m/70cm FM. SOTABeams for 2m/70cm. 12 element ZL Yagi for 70cms contesting. Cross-beam Yagi for 2m on rotator

Windows 8.1 computer

Used for SD, N1MM, HRD etc. General logging, QRZ, email etc. Can’t get COM ports working to my liking!


New photo needed?.

My main rig is the Yaesu FT-2000D with its associated Data Management Unit and Loudspeaker. The screen for the DMU is in the centre. Above the Ft-2000 is the Yaesu Ft-897D. The computer is an entry level Windows 8.1 PC. Various switches to route various aerials to radios without having to change plugs. The keen eyed might spot the paddle behind the SignaLink USB. The CW keys are a Marconi and an Amplidan Long Arm (lovely to use).